Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Rosewood

Hi guys!

Welcome to The Rosewood.

The Front View

So when I began building this I was originally just going to make an indoor restaurant with some nice floral landscaping. But when I actually finished putting in the landscaping and such, I decided that it was too pretty to just be on the outside, where your sims won't really see it. So I made the bottom floor completely open with a flower canopy over it. The entire restaurant part is open-air and has amazing views of all the flowers and trees. The top floor has 2 bathrooms and a seating area where your sims can just sit and chill.

The front host area is really open with some amazing plants that I love in the background. The bar is right behind the staircase and it's just a really nice place for sims to sit and wait for their table to be ready. At first I wanted to make it all super modern and sleek looking, but as I put in the flower, plants and such, I decided that a little bit more traditional look would be better. I used the new tables that came with the Dine Out pack and they added just a touch of a more modern style to this build which I really liked. The colors are all very white and neutral, just so that your focus would be drawn to the colorful flowers more.

I also put in lots of outdoor seating where your sims can sit outside completely surrounded by nature. In the front there are some big tables for large parties and at the back it's more romantic and meant for sims that are out on a date, or sims who just want a nice quiet place to enjoy a great meal.

I hope you guys liked this build. I hope you all have a great day/afternoon/evening wherever you may be in the world.

Happy Simming!


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Tranquility Dining

Hi everyone!

So first off I need to apologize again for not posting in a while. My schedule has just been super crazy. It will probably get better though once the school holidays start, and then I should be able to post more frequently.

So since the new Sims 4 Game Pack: Dine Out came out yesterday, I thought I's build a restaurant and share it with you guys! I was so super excited for the release of the pack and I can definitely say that it was worth it! So let me show you my first attempt at building a restaurant.

Welcome to Tranquility Dining! Located in Newcrest, it's the perfect place to have a nice meal. Whether you're part of a large group, having a family dinner or are on a romantic date, this is the place for you.

This is the entranceway of the restaurant with the little host station in the front. It's a double-storied entrance with one of the new massive light hanging down. I tried to use as much of the new game pack items as possible. The painting on the wall with the blossoms is probably my favorite painting of the whole pack!

There's a large dining area. There are a few booths and tables that can fit any size party, from 2 sims to 8. The ceiling lights are also new and I love them! I used this exposed brick throughout the entire restaurant. I also used the new wood paneling that we got. Everything from the tables and chairs, to the décor and carpet is new and came with the new pack.

This is the kitchen where your sim-chefs can get to work preparing amazing dishes, everything from homestyle comfort food to exquisite experimental food.

I also added a little outside patio for more one-on-one dining.

There's also a bar on the second floor for when your sims are waiting for their table, but don't just want to stand around. I used some of the new wall decals all around this room. I really love the nectar racks that came with the pack, and they're so fitting since the Sims brought back drinking nectar.

Well, that the restaurant. There's also four bathrooms, two upstairs and two downstairs. I really hope you guys like it!

Happy Simming!


Thursday, 26 May 2016

South Square Café

Hi everyone!

First of all I'd like to apologize for not posting in a while. Things have just been super crazy with my personal life, with school and family stuff. Because my exams start in like a week I won't be putting a week's schedule at the end of this post. I will still try to post at least once a week, I just don't want everyone to look forward to a new post twice a week, and then I might not be able to do it. :)

Now that that's out of the way, let's get back to the build! :)

This is South Square Café, I built in on the lot where South Square Coffee was in Windenburg. I really needed a new café for one of my families to visit so I decided to build one. The kept it tudor style so that it could fit in better with the surrounding buildings.

The decided to keep the inside of the café very traditional and as Victorian-looking as possible to have it match the outside of the café. I really like this dark blue on the walls, especially with the light cream and white of the furniture and curtains. All the woods in this room I kept very dark to make the white and cream stand out. There's a lot of seating areas for your sims as well as a nice big fireplace with some comfy couches and a little TV area.

I also added on a little outside patio area with a few table and some loveseats, for when your sims are looking for a place to sit that's a little bit quieter and more private than the main café.

Upstairs I put in a little are for your sim-kids where they can keep themselves busy while their parents are downstairs drinking coffee. They have everything they could need to keep themselves busy, from a dollhouse to some giant stuffed animals.

There's also a private lounge/library are upstairs for the bookclub that meets there. They have their own TV, seating areas, computer station and some bookcases.

Well I hope you guys like this build. Again sorry it took me so long to upload something new, I promise it won't take so long again!

Happy Simming!


Monday, 9 May 2016

Before & After: Caliente House

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another part of my Before & After series! First of all I'd like to apologize for not posting it on Sunday. I just didn't have time to do it since it was Mother's Day and I spent the day with my mom and the rest of the family. I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!
But let's jump on into the build!

Front of the House Before

Front of the House After
I tried to keep the exterior of the house as similar as possible to the original house. I really like the Mexican/Spanish feel of the outside and it didn't want to change too much about it. I just changed the walls to a smooth creamy color that's just a bit lighter than the original. I also changed up some of the window and made all the windows a darker brown color. The roof I wanted to keep some form of red, so I just changed it to a different tile. I also added some landscaping around the house, because I seriously can't build a house that doesn't have some landscaping around it.

The Living Room Before

The Living Room After (View 1)

The Living Room After (View 2)

The inside of the house I changed A LOT! I made it a lot lighter, with everything from the floorboards to the wallpaper and furniture. When I furnished the house I did it with this idea in mind: "The Caliente sister and Don moved into this house that Katrina, Dina and Nina's grandmother left them. Since they are all still young and love to entertain and socialize with everyone, they decided that this house could use a serious update" I tried to make it as modern as possible while still trying to make it look like it belongs in this house. I chose a very nice light color scheme of green and white with black accents. Since Katrina is in the Entertainer career, I put in a new grand piano and also added some musical styled pictures on the walls.

The Kitchen Before

The Kitchen After

Like all the other rooms in this house, the kitchen also really needed a more modern look to fit with the house's new inhabitants. I changed the walls and also the floor to something a bit more "new" looking. The cupboards I made a nice white color to lighten up the room a bit. I tried to incorporate some green into this room as well.

The Dining Room Before

The Dining Room After
The dining room was really dark originally, so I made the walls a nice green color. I tried to keep the dark wood that was in the room, so the walls I chose have a wide dark wood border. The furniture I kept modern, but also in dark wood. I added a glass table to make it seem more modern, since the chairs look modern but are a dark wood.

Don's Room Before

Don's Room After

I really liked the blue curtains in Don's room but the furniture just seemed outdated and not like something he'd have. So, I decided that the theme for his room should be blue and I replaced all his furniture with more modern things. Since the room is the smallest one in the house, I didn't have the space to put in a double bed, but I still really like his room.

Katrina's Room Before

Katrina's Room After

Since I didn't know which room was for which sister, I just decided which room they should have. The first, and biggest bedroom I gave to Katrina since she is the oldest of the three. Since she's the oldest her room has more of a tradisional feel to it, with dark woods, reds and creams.

Dina's Room Before

Dina's Room After

Dina is the second oldest sister and she's in the culinary career. I really like the idea of giving her a yellow bedroom, just because she seems like the friendliest and happiest of the three. I changer her wallpaper to a light, creamy yellow with white trim. Her furniture is a mix of modern and tradisional light wood features. I added lots of pictures on the walls that have to do with food, and added in a bunch of cookbooks scattered across the room.

Nina's Room Before

Nina's Room After

Nina, the youngest sister, seemed kinda like the black sheep of the family. Her original room was very dark and gloomy. I changed her wallpaper to a pink with some dark wood borders. Her furniture is very modern compared to her sister's rooms. The color scheme I decided on for her room was black and a dark purple. The pictures on the walls are all of famous DJ's, just because that's something I thought she'd really be interested in.

The Backyard Before

The Backyard After

In the backyard I added in a pool (because come on, they live in Oasis Springs and it seems like it could get very hot there), a fire pit, grill, bar and a hot tub for when they have guests over.

So that's the house! I also redid all the bathrooms and the downstairs and upstairs hallways. I really hope you liked it. If you want to add this house into your game it's on the gallery under Caliente House Remodel.

I also wanted to ask that if anyone has any ideas about which house or community lot I should renovate next, and also what you'd like to see different about it, please just leave me a comment on here or on my Google+ account! I really appreciate any input or ideas! The next week's schedule will be down below again, the topic for the Before & After series will be decided on by you guys!

Happy Simming!


This week's schedule:

Wednesday: Build showcase on South Square Café
Sunday: Before & After Series

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tradisional Family Home

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! I know in the my last post where I put the schedule for the week at the bottom, it I said I would be releasing new showcases of my builds on Thursday's, but I decided to move that to Wednesday's. So let's jump on in!

Welcome to my Tradisional Family Home! This might not be the most tradisional looking home ever, but I really enjoyed building it. I wanted to keep the outside rather light with the wallpaper and I just added the brown siding to just break up the white a bit. I decided to make the windows white with brown accents to match them with the siding. I actually went out of my comfort zone a little with the roof on this house, making it a more reddish color, rather than my usual black. I also might have gone a little overboard with the garden! Recently I've just been super obsessed with the garden looking very lush and green with lots of flowers.

So, this is the living room. It's actually in that rounded front part of the house, so its very nice and spacious. The interior is styled very tradisionally. I used a lot of dark wood flooring paired with some lighter colors on the walls. I also used a lot of cream colors throughout the house just to keep it looking classy and neutral. You'll see that I put in a lot of fireplaces throughout the house. There's one in the living room with a TV mounted over it. There's a reading nook/study area that runs off of the foyer that has another fireplace. There's also a half bathroom on the ground floor with a closet.

The kitchen I also decorated more tradisionally than usual. It's also rather big. It's more of an curved shape with a little breakfast nook, where your family can get together to have meals when they don't want to use the giant formal dining room.

This is the main dining room. It's very large with another fireplace. I wanted it to look very fancy and grand, so I put in a long table with a large chandelier hanging over it. The wall color is kinda the same as in the living room, the only difference is that his one doesn't have half wood part. Almost all of the room's that aren't specific for a certain sim, I made the walls this cream color with the dark wood floors, just to make the house look like it flows together well.

This is the first floor hallway. I just put in some seating areas and also a piano, because you know, why not :) There's also a little balcony area looking down on the foyer with some hanging chandeliers. There's also a full bathroom that's mainly meant for the kids, that I don't show.

This is a study/hobby room upstairs. It's also right above the living room, so it's also circular shaped. Here's another fireplace, bookcase, another pc and some skill building items.

Here's a super cute baby room. The idea that I had when I put it in was that your sims have just married and moved into this house with the plan of starting a family. There's plenty of room to grow and have kids. I put in 2 bassinets just in case they had twins.

This is the children's room for when they age up and aren't babies anymore. I kept the colors green and yellow just to keep the room more neutral, so it can be used for both girls and boys. It has literally everything in it that your kids could ever need.

This is the master bedroom. I know that the orange color scheme isn't for everyone, but I wanted to use something different and out of my comfort zone, and orange was what I came up with. Also there's another fireplace in here (see I said I used a lot of fireplaces). There's a bookcase in here with a couch, just for when your sims want some peace and quiet away from the kids.

This is the master bathroom and I kept the same orange theme that the master bedroom had. It's a full bathroom with both a shower and a bath.

Here's a photo of the back patio that has a hot tub and seating area. And a photo of the backyard with the pool, grill, fire pit and little table to sit and eat at. The garden at the back I also made very green and lush with a lot of flowers and plants.

Well I hope you guys liked this house. If anyone has any ideas for houses or community lots for me to build, just tell me in the comments. I also want to ask for suggestions for houses/lots that I can renovate for my Before & After build series. I've put the updated schedule at the bottom. I'll talk to you all again when the next part of the Before & After series comes out on Sunday!

Happy Simming!


Week's Schedule:

Wednesday: Build showcase on South Square Café
Sunday: Before & After: Caliente Residence